Donation vs. Rewards-Based Crowdfunding Campaigns: Which is right for you?

In recent history, crowdfunding has taken off as one of the most credible sources of alternative finance for start-ups, fledgling ideas or charitable causes the world over. Instead of the more traditional forms of finance like loans, venture capital and angel investing, crowdfunding depends solely on funding received from ordinary people in the community. The most popular forms of crowdfundingread more

Using Crowdfunding for Idea Validation

First and foremost, crowdfunding is an alternative way to raise funds to support or start-up a cause, project, or product. Beyond this ultimate goal of gaining capital, however, crowdfunding also provides campaigners with the unique opportunity to gauge if there is interest and demand for their new project or idea. A crowdfunding campaign can act as the sample test toread more

The Importance of your Project Story in Crowdfunding

Why creating a compelling project story is essential for successful crowdfunding!!? Successful crowdfunding depends on building up an interested audience for your project in a short period of time and persuading them to support it. This audience must identify with your cause in order to fund it, so appealing to their emotions and personal experiences is a sure-fire way toread more

Crowdfunding Tools? #Instagram

Why Instagram is an important yet overlooked social media tool for your crowdfunding campaign Since crowdfunding success depends almost entirely on building up your pool of potential backers, promoting your campaign via social media is a very smart move. Today, the digital world is a crowdfunder’s marketing paradise, in which your target audience is literally just a few clicks awayread more

Setting your Campaign Funding Goal

Great! Now, how do you go about setting your crowdfunding goal? Thinking of crowdfunding? When it comes to finding the initial funding needed to get your project up and running, there are few alternative methods that are as novel, positive or repeatedly proven as crowdfunding. While there are many factors that will make or break your crowdfunding campaign, there areread more

5 Important Skills & Habits You Should Adopt as a Crowdfunding Project Owner

There’s plenty out there to guide would-be entrepreneurs as to the typical habits of the highly-effective and the hugely successful. But what about would-be crowdfunders? For those who manage a campaign, there are also five important skills that often lead to crowdfunding success. 1. Be Personal The signature of a good crowdfunding campaign remains one in which the project ownersread more

Planning to Win: Why Preparation is the Key to Crowdfunding Success

You’ve had a stellar idea which you think could be crowdfunded, and are itching to upload the campaign onto ZAAR in the hope that funds will immediately start rolling in. To give your project the best chance of hitting its funding target and beyond, however, it pays to pause, plan, and prepare before you hit that ‘publish’ button. Taking theread more

Crowdfunding at Christmas

Creating a crowdfunding campaign destined for success is as much about good timing, as anything else. You may have created the perfect campaign for your project, with clear content, an introductory video, inviting images and tempting rewards, but if you launch at the wrong time for your audience, then it will all be for nothing. This is the difficulty feltread more