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Create a Buzz Around Your Crowdfunding Campaign Before Launching it

It is easy to assume that your crowdfunding opportunity lies solely within the time of your campaign’s launch and its closing date. But don’t be fooled – limiting yourself to promoting your cause just within the campaign’s set period could well mean that you won’t hit your funding goal in time. In fact, crowdfunding success depends on how effectively youread more

Email Strategy: Turning Your Contacts into Supporters

The art of successful crowdfunding involves attracting as many viewers as you can towards your campaign – and then inspiring them to stay long enough to become a supporter and contributor. Of course, not all who view your campaign will back it. The key is to boost your viewers-to-backers conversion rate, regularly and effectively, until your campaign is fully more

Highly Successful Crowdfunding Ideas

In the world of alternative finance, crowdfunding remains popular. Bypassing more traditional finance channels such as bank loans or angel investors, crowdfunding offers projects, start-ups, new product ideas or charitable causes the chance to raise much-needed funds via its target audience. Crowdfunding works by backers – or the ‘crowd’ – contributing small amounts towards a campaign to collectively help itread more

The Best Time to Launch your Crowdfunding Campaign

In the world of crowdfunding, there is one universal truth: the success rate of any crowdfunding campaign tends to be proportionate to how much planning has gone into it. Long before you hit the launch button on your crowdfunding campaign, its crucial to its success that you put in the time, resources and hard work to plan, structure and prepareread more

Setting Goals in Crowdfunding

Reaching or even exceeding your funding target – and your project then being fully funded – is undoubtedly the main goal of any crowdfunding campaign. Yet the journey towards that end game includes many other goals that will ensure your project is successful. Setting clear, actionable goals is extremely important for a streamlined and effective campaign. These stepping-stones along theread more

Crowdfunding in Challenging Times

As the world battles the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are having to adapt to the new realities it brings, from staying at home to changing the way we work or do business with each other. Challenging times such as these, with so many changes and yet more unknowns, normally lead to people from all walks of life experiencingread more

Promotion: The Most Important Ingredient in your Crowdfunding Journey

Used by everyone from budding entrepreneurs to major corporations, crowdfunding has fast become one of the world’s favourite sources of alternative financing. Offering not just money but also a greater connection with an idea or product’s target audience, crowdfunding is more than worth it – but as with all things successful, you only get out of it what you putread more

Why your Crowdfunding Campaign should have a Facebook Page and Group

In today’s digital age, practically everyone is on social media – and, consequently, most brands, stores and causes have an online presence in order to fully engage with them. It makes sense then, that your crowdfunding campaign should also have its own dedicated space on social media, where it can start (and crucially, maintain) a dialogue with its target audienceread more