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Zaar Hosts Investment-Based Crowdfunding Discussion Workshop in Conjunction with the MFSA

It is hoped this type of alternative funding could be introduced as part of the EU’s Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan. This week we were proud to host a workshop at the Malta Financial Services Authority to discuss the potential introduction of investment-based crowdfunding in Malta, in addition to the rewards-based crowdfunding and donation-based crowdfunding that already exist on the islandread more

Slash world’s carbon footprint for just €5

Wastewater Science, an environmental start-up, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on to build a prototype unit to process animal waste. It aims to collect €10,000 and if successfully funded, this campaign can bring many benefits worldwide, such as reduced greenhouse emissions. Check the link below to learn more about this project and see how you can contribute: Tweet

Matthew Caruana

Many hands make light work

In just a few months since it was launched by the University of Malta and the Malta Business Bureau, crowdfunding platform Zaar has already attracted 21 projects, manager Matthew Caruana said. Of these, eight were successful, eight unsuccessful and three are still ongoing. This gives a success rate of 50 per cent, actually better than international levels, Mr Caruana said. Readread more

University of Malta Racing revs up €5000 through crowdfunding

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, the University of Malta’s racing team has blazed past its aim of collecting €5000. The collected funds will allow the team to complete the current design using a lighter and stronger materials. The end result will be a faster, more competitive car. More on Times of Malta More on Malta Today   Tweet

NGO successfully raises over €2000 through crowdfunding

NGO Graphic Novels Library Malta has successfully completed its crowdfunding, raising over €2000. The campaign was held over Malta’s crowdfunding platform and thanks to the collected sum, the NGO was able to purchase graphic novels and add them to the Central Public Library in Floriana. Ready more about this success story by following this link: Tweet

Zaar manager sheds light on Malta’s growing crowdfunding scene

The concept of crowdfunding is relatively new to the Maltese islands but it has been growing at a steady rate with above international levels rate of success. In an interview with the Times of Malta, the project manager of crowdfunding platform Zaar, Matthew Caruana gives us insights behind success stories as well as a taste of upcoming projects. Read moreread more

Simshar makes it to DVD thanks to Crowdfunding

Rebecca Cremona, director of internationally-acclaimed Maltese film Simshar can finally put rest to a question which people have been asking her for years. Yes, Simshar will now be available on DVD. This was made possible thanks to a Crowdfunding campaign on Read more about this success story over here: Tweet

Inspire teams up with Zaar to crowdfund therapeutic Horseback Riding

Inspire has teamed up with to launch a crowdfunding campaign aimed at funding horseback riding for people with a disability in Gozo. This service was much needed in Gozo and it will help people improve their physical condition and gain confidence in their abilities. Read more about this initiative here: Tweet