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The Simshar DVD: A PR Success Story

We often talk about how intrinsic the link between successful crowdfunding and good PR is – and here’s proof. Here at, we recently provided the platform for the Simshar team to raise funds to produce and sell the DVD of their award-winning 2014 film. The...

ZAAR campaign a success for racing car students!

The University of Malta Racing (UoMR) have succeeded in raising funds through their crowdfunding campaign on our platform to design, build and race a formula-style car in an international competition. The campaign, led by a group of University students, has reached...

ZAAR Success! Comics To Make Their Way to Public Library

It may have taken three months of high-energy campaigning, but NGO Graphic Novels Library Malta (GNLM) has successfully reached its €2,000 crowdfunding goal (and exceeded it) to, finally, bring the graphic novel to the Central Public Library in Floriana, Malta! “We’re...

Murphy Makes It to the Finish Line!

Just over a week has passed since we announced that Reunited Pet Cabin had become the first fully-funded campaign on… So we’re quite psyched to announce that the Murphy Runs for Hospice Malta has now become our second!   The Murphy Runs for Hospice...

Reunited Pet Cabin: Fully Funded!

There’s very little doubt that Reunited Pet Cabin has touched the hearts of everyone who has heard of it – so much so, that the project reached its goal of €13,000 within days of its launch on The work now commences on the actual project, which will see a...

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Malta’s first crowd-funding platform raises €90,000

In just over a year, Malta’s first crowd-funding platform Zaar has managed to raise more than €90,000 for 32 different projects by sourcing contributions from members of the public. “We’ve had a 63 per cent success rate, meaning that nearly two-thirds of the closed projects were successful in...
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