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Project Description

Chris Briffa Architects have been invited to exhibit at the Venice Architecture Biennale as part of the TIME SPACE EXISTENCE exhibition organised by the Global Art Affairs Foundation. The Exhibition will run from 25th May to 26th November 2018. Led by Chris Briffa, the creative team behind the project are experienced creative professionals, artists and architects. For this exhibition we are developing a research project for later publication and creating a site-specific installation based on the traditional Maltese ‘Antiporta’. The installation will be exhibited in the stunning Palazzo Mora venue in Venice, and later in Malta.

This project is supported by the Project Support Grant – Malta Arts Fund – Arts Council Malta.

We also need your help to make it happen!

The inspiration

There’s a special nostalgia reserved to the sound of that bell which rang, discreet but distinct, with every visitor that bent down to open the door that stood between the public realm and the private threshold, as the Maltese townhouse opened itself to its guests.

The antiporta is an inner door prevalent in Maltese builds – which simultaneously provides privacy and accessibility to those finding themselves on either side. This often-overlooked architectural characteristic is rapidly disappearing from our architectural landscape. There was a fond familiarity to this construct that was a conversation-starter whilst also being the space and location of the initial greeting. This antiporta, is the subject of a research work that is being embarked on for this project by Chris Briffa Architects.

Chris Briffa Architects, a practice based in the heart of Valletta, Malta strives to be a contemporary ambassador that does not forget where it comes from. Already a similar award-winning project ( has been carried out by the architecture studio in 2013, studying the marriage of the traditional ‘gallarija’ (closed balcony), with contemporary archetypes.

This new ANTIPORTA project brings together a group of creatives with interests across media, to tackle this piece as a study, to examine its social and physical functions, document its passage over time, and imagine which direction the antiporta might be heading in.

The Team

  • Creative Director: Chris Briffa
  • Curator: Andrew Borg Wirth
  • Architectural Assistant: Katrina Galea
  • Project Coordinator: Louise Spokes
  • Artist & Photographer: David Zammit
  • Research & PR: Lisa Gwen Baldacchino

What we need

  1. Money

Venice is expensive!! We are seeking donations totalling €2500 towards the cost of exhibiting at the Venice Architecture Biennale. This is only a fraction of the overall costs associated with the exhibition. The participation fee alone costs thousands of euros, besides artist fees, travel, insurance, accommodation, and the costs of producing the actual exhibition.

Your money will go towards exhibition costs including, artist fees, materials, shipping, and printing the exhibition pamphlets that will be distributed during the exhibition.

  1. Website and audience participation

A website – – has been specifically designed for the ANTIPORTA project. The team invites all those interested in being part of the installation, to submit clips and images – new, old or even vintage – of the Maltese antiporta. The team will be selecting the best images, which may be used as footage within the Venice installation. All contributions and submitted images or clips will form part of the ongoing research and will be shared on the website and/or social media. Images will be credited accordingly.  An Instagram account @antiporta_cba will also be collecting all images using the #antiporta in a bid to document the context as extensively as possible so please follow us and share your antiporta images using the #antiporta hashtag.

Why support this project?

Are you dismayed about the loss of many Maltese quirks and traditions? This is an opportunity to do something about it and support a creative practice that respects the traditions of our past while also looking to the future.

Are you an art lover? If so, then this is a great opportunity to build your art collection, invest in some limited edition prints and support local creative talent.

Feeling Nostalgic?  Remember your Nanna’s old Antiporta? Share the memories! By submitting your own footage to or funding this campaign you are directly supporting research into these disappearing artefacts.