BirdLife Malta uses considerable resources in being available and present in saving injured birds. We need help to improve and expand our work.

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Project Description

BirdLife Malta an NGO, is the only organisation in Malta that caters for injured birds. Malta’s position as an island in between two continents makes it a very important resting place for migratory birds. Unfortunately not all birds find our island safe with many ending up being injured from gun shots or simply from fatigue.

We take calls on the go, and when notified about injured birds we immediately dispatch a team to retrieve it and take it to the vet. BirdLife Malta invests resources and energy to rehabilitate the birds with the hope of releasing them in the wild. This financial appeal will help us tremendously because our resources are limited and the demand is bigger.

The cost for each bird which we rehabilitate is different depending on the bird species, the injury type and the length of stay. We are crowdfunding to cover costs such as:

  • Food Supply
  • General Care such as cleaning of the wounded area.
  • Medicinal costs.
  • Other Resources and Materials needed to locate the wounded Birds.

Every year we rehabilitate and release over 25 birds but we collect much more. We are hoping that with this target amount we can possibly cater for two years of our operational work in this regard.

We want to be able to save as many injured birds as possible. Help us save birds. #isavebirds. Thank you